Trust Inc.

If it were just that easy….man could be both rich in spirit as well as in pocket…as this would take a great genius to invent a method where TRUST can be bought and sold…to both young and old…those who have given but have never received…those who have tried but perhaps were burned by a lie….TRUST is a gift and if you have yet to gain it… or give it…. what better way than to start at this very moment….¬†Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.¬†~William Shakespeare

TRUST INC. has a key ingredient to their kryptonite, they are handmade with humility, embracing stones bound together by the TRUST INC. insignia bead. This line of eclectic jewelry is made up of stones that range in existence, from all over the world, with healing powers and rare forms of both silver and gold of high quality, which is captured in each piece. These are for the eco-friendly individual who represents something while here on this earth, the Earth itself, the minerals and well being aspects of these bracelets are felt. They have created a way to make something of material connect in a spiritual form.They are made with Blessings in mind, so Blessed you will be upon being graced with something from the TRUST INC. Collection. The originality of the Trust Inc. concept makes them a hot commodity worldwide. They range in price and style as there is something for any preference.

The team of Trust Inc. is made up of John Tarapata Designer & CEO himself & John Kocak COO. J.T. is inspired by daily common place things we sometimes over look, such as debris on the side of the road, all of the raw materials a hardware store can possess,how the light reflects on a Summer’s path. The uniqueness of this line is sought after globally, because of, a combination of intricate symbolism as well as their healing aspects, and the creative minds of it’s innovators.” When you look at a component, think not of what it is, but what it may become when in your hands.”~John Tarapata Trust is not something so easily gained, but in this instance, this is jewelry you want to TRUST in or on the hands of someone near and dear.

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