DJ Lu Ong

Musically acclimated with a natural aversion to music, since the fair age of 4, DJ Lu Ong was born of blood that has had music deep within it’s roots (stemming from his Mother’s side of the family). It was apparent that being musically inclined was genetic, which helped the genius in the skill he would soon make quite evident to his peers. From toddler to teen, music was like a second language to him. He played most music by ear, from piano to violin, and was a soloist in his high school choir and acapella group. Throughout college Lu Onf also picked up on instruments like guitar, bass, drums and harmonica. At the age of 14 he initially started to DJ by doing Sweet 16 parties, which he then proceeded to get into bars, clubs and lounges as his name became more familiar. His gigs grew in various establishments where booking him was a must.

Quite like the Medicine man of music, this DJ knows exactly what to feed your ears. He knows the antidote to whatever it takes for pleasing his crowd. He gives that touch that let’s them know, you’re here now, in my realm, and here you are free from stress, from the pain of grueling hours at your job, you’re here to party and escape. Because just a spoon full of “music” IS the “medicine” that goes down…….A Shaman that gives his crowd, his community, the music that feeds their souls.

Basically self taught, Lu Ong did look to other DJ’s for inspiration. DJs like Spinbad, Jazzy Jeff, Funk Flex, and Enuff.
I try to pick up on new techniques from everyone I encounter .I always see that there is room for improvement in myself… never get comfortable because that’s where you start to decline.”

DJ Lu Ong has a style that can be quite described as new school vs. old school genres. With his Technics 1200 by his side, we can call him the “switch doctor”. He breaks up the night with sounds from all age groups, and keeps your attention with sounds your ears have missed…the movement your body has longed for.</span> When you tend not to stick to just one genre of music it makes for an interesting evening. “Music is an art that will never die or take back seat to anything. Music is a ‘live for the moment’ art, you either listen to it because you’re feeling a certain way, or it makes you feel a certain way. There’s no greater rush of re-mixing live and having the crowd react with screams of enjoyment. DJing has shaped who I am today” says Lu Ong.

With a desire to DJ around the world as well as well as producing and working with amazing, various talents DJ Lu Ong is predicting that’s where he’ll be in ten years from now. “It’s a tough game” but he’s more than willing to play!

DJ Lu Ong has graced the wheels at venues such as ,Harrah’s Pool After Dark, where he was resident for their Summer 7 Star Rooftop Party, House of Blues in AC, Hiro Ballroom, Stay, and China Club in NYC.

One of his most memorable gig’s to date would have to be the party at Harrah’s Rooftop. The weather was right, everyone was feeling the music, the rooftop was packed and everyone was dancing where they weren’t suppose to be,bottles popping, the vibe was incredible, and most inspirational. DJ Lu Ong is very accessible at as well as, you can also follow him on twitter at His sound and both style are responsible for this rendezvous of music that elation…and an authenticity that sets him apart from most DJ’s providing a distinct ecstasy to your ears .

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