“RChilds” Wallace RChilds Battle

Wallace RChilds Battle

A life of agony & strife …pain has it’s price..and in the end, Wallace RChilds Battle will be the one standing tall, getting knocked down when your a child hurts worse because your already low to the ground, other children had Parents to go to, he had music. Most rapidly you become consumed, but that once young man that has survived trials and tribulations that are innumerable has grown invincible¬†quite like the Velvetleaf Weed, one of the most notorious to rid of. He has grown into his Man Hood , Into his MIC, and into the joys of being a great Father to his boy.

Hence the name Reality Childs, he likes to reach out to his people on a different level, touching their hearts, connecting on an emotional level, lending a hand an ear and sometimes tears. Surrounded by a small circle, Sonny, Flames,Dashay, Boonah,Curt,Ivan, his Grandmother and his baby boy. Thats all he really needs. And unlike most he is most creative when his back is against the wall, music is playing and he has his pen. He kept a diary of sorts, little did he know it would turn into this, he started off rapping at 12, but music was always part of his life, his safe Haven that will turn into a Utopia of sorts. His projects include ixtapes childs play vol 1,2,3 all bets on childs pt.1and 2. His DVD documentary titled Passion of RChilds and an up and coming movie that he’s starring in called, No Picks, along with the album he’s working on titled, “MY BIG DIARY TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME.

He is also responsible for a positive movement called Darksyde Alliance that he started in 2004, consisting of a family of 400 and counting, people from all over it’s about enjoying life, showing our talent and staying loyal to each other as a family . One of his most memorable collaborations was with his cousin Sonny.. called “Hood Hop” in the future he would like to collaborate with Lauryn Hill. There is just a certain sentiment he feels when he hears her music. With a smile that can melt most hearts, and a sound that is most distinct, these things help to separate his talents from many other Hip Hop Aces in the field…. he has something they don’t, he’s holding the Wild Card…..

Tina M. Schiro


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