DJ Sam Allan

Growing up in New York,with a diverse taste in music, from the sounds of Notorious B.I.G., Wu Tang, Lost Boys to Rock & Roll variables,.His affinity for music began to revolutionize as the years pased. But it was in 1998 that Sam Allan was introduced to Electronic dance music when he ventured into NYC with a friend to a venue that had international DJ’s play every Friday night, now If you know anything about music or DJ’s, you may already be aware of the fact “that Club was Twilo.”

Twilo had the highest engery atmosphere he had ever experienced,Those DJ’s were Paul Van Dyk and Sasha & Digweed .This fueled his desire to start DJing in Bayridge,  Brooklyn 1999 in a Club Lelo.The scene at Twilo was so electrifying that he couldn’t shake it’s vibe,this inspired him to get his first set of turn tables. With a strong determination to generate music that is high power energy with nice blend of melodic feel good beats, he was now well on his way.

The same life he was given not once, but twice, is the fresh barrage of intensity that is felt through his beats. In 2006 DJ Sam Allan was digonosed with a brain tumor that was life threatening, luckily his team of Doctor’s removed this silent assassin before it had a chance to steal his life. “You look at life differently when are aware it may be coming to end. So Im thankful every day that I’m alive.” Sam Allan

Sam Allan provides a  sound that has immense vitality, paired with a dash of upbeat house, Tech, Progressive and Trance music. In the past year he’s encompassed the tristate area with that element. DJing at a number of venues through out NJ and NY, the most notable NYC venues was at Love with Valentino Kanzyani( Jesus Loves You), Pacha and Webster Hall. Webster Hall Thanksgiving EVE 2010 with Paul Oakenfold and Roger Sanchez, in the Studio Room . “Words can’t describe the vibe the crowd gave off.That is my ultimate goal, to make people dance and forget where they’re at for a while and just groove to my music.

I’m inspired by so many creative DJ minds, but I would have to note that the most influential for me is,Paul Van Dyk.”He is not just playing tracks he’s mixing music, making music,playing instruments and making builds up all on the fly.” S.A.  He has also played alongside other familiar Dj’s such as, The “Scum Frog”, Victor Dinaire (Lost Episode), Activa (Discovery), Jus Jack (Sony), Tristan Garner and many more to come in the future, if you want to hear music that is rare and has a feel good vibe than you very well may want to follow him, his music,and zest for life that he put forth into his tracks & gigs and producing music as well.

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