Miss Shana DeAndrea

Shana DeAndreaThe feet of a ballerina never falter…..they could have blistering sores….muscle cramping… and severe exhaustion, yet the heart beat of a ballerina pounds most prominent than of that of a bass drum,which is noted the most boisterous of instruments, as it was added to the Orchestra in 1782 by Mozart.

Their will is quite divine and have the capacity to endure pain of extreme measures, while we the audience are nothing but mesmerized at the perfection of their stance,and the picturesque beauty that is enhanced by a most graceful choreographed routine. Shana DeAndrea redefines the term deity…..there is something vaguely familiar about her smile, yet, the waves of her character are more immersed than what is perceived by a generic eye.

At the age of just 9 years old Shana had to make a decision that would require a sense of maturity that would easily be disregarded by a child, she had to decide wether to relocate to Texas in order to train for the Olympics, or to proceed in following her career in Dancing in New York City. From age 2 Shana began Ballet and simultaneously Gymnastics, having a mutual passion for both, it was evident that the two talents could easily take her to the top, as she pondered one of the most crucial decisions that would forever effect her life’s path, Shana weighed her pro’s and con’s. She then chose the road of a Supreme Ballerina….”As gymnastics will forever remain a part of me, I love anything that is challenging, that is why my regimen always includes, Yoga, Tumbling,Traveling et cetera” ~Shana My Mother became my home school teacher since the age of 2.5 yrs old,as Ballet was my entire life. At the age of 9.5 years old I began my Ballet career in NYC. By the age of 13 I had already had two major knee surgeries, which had no relation to dancing.

The next sequence of events, could have either ravished Shana aspirations or revealed her inner most light, just waiting to be professed.This was yet another pivotal moment in the allegory of Miss Shana DeAndrea. “My best friend that I had grown up with, she and I would go running and it just so happened that she and  I accidentally collided into one another, and I sadly blew my ACL,”THIS WAS DEVASTATING! I was supposed to go to Julliard and become a Principal Dancer”.At this instance, she was mortified and unaware what would happen to her career.While recovering from her incident, she attended acting classes and conservatory’s as well as doing off Broadway Shows, and loved it! In the meantime she ventured off into camera classes, this is where she met the Casting director for “All my Children”, one of the most popular Soap Opera’s of our time, he immediately casted her to the set because he truly admired the way she shined on camera. “This was the very first professional to confirm that I was meant for the camera” ~Shana~ As it was in the hands of fate, Shana DeAndrea will be seen shortly in her national commercial coming to our screens, as well as working with NBC on a few projects, the most current of those is called ” The Beauty Shop Buzz”.

She’s also in many upcoming music video’s, films as well as working on major dancing roles.Her goal is to become Bi Coastal and to win the hearts of many people along the way, along with many awards of sorts. Not easily impressed by superficial compliments of her stunning beauty, but how her smile has had an even affect on an employee at her local Starbucks. Her family plays a major part in her most important “role” and that would be her life….”The most valued aspects of life are having a healthy family close by, a partner to share life with, to have the same friends as we grow old, my own health,as well as being able to learn something new every day.

“If I become famous, than that would just be the P.S. to the ending of a great love letter.” ~SDA

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