Miss Maegan Belle

Maegan BelleWith a classic resemblance to the likes of the great Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich,and Anna Nicole Smith, meet Maegan Belle…..Believe, that Blondes do have more fun! Just like her State of Maine in which she grew up , the same notoriety for all of the many hats Maegan Belle is capable of wearing, will clearly be noted in history. Starting off as a JC Penny Catalog Model as an infant, this is where it all began.

If there was a camera or mirror present, Maegan was not trailing far behind. This Buxom Blonde is far from squeamish, she can ice fish, hunt ,kayak, jet ski, and loves going mudding on four wheeler’s!!!!! Do not be intimidated boy’s as she is the best of both world’s…….she is the dream without the sleep. Not to be confused she is most feminine,sleeping in Chanel No.5 and a jersey.This foxy lady also prefers to be embellished in extravagant clothing as well as jewels.

Like any woman she loves to be spoiled, not in material but in affection and adoration. Throughout her life she has been involved in Beauty Pageant’s, Cheerleading,Speech Team, accounting Team,Acting/Drama Club as well as captain of the Dance Squad, Maegan continues Dance until this day. Her list of activities are long and being that she spent a lot of her childhood in a beauty salon , she is constantly aware of what’s current and the efforts women put forth into looking and feeling beautiful, she has watched her Mother and “nanny” both being Beautician’s since she was a young girl .Family is a major contributing factor in her life. She feel’s as though she and her family share so many traditions until this day, she believes the bonds are deeper rooted as the years go by.

She is most charismatic woman, and the love is easily poured from a most sincere heart,one which is rarely seen in the industry. Maegan admits, “My family owns my heart, without them , there would be no me”. She loves helping other’s and feels most complete when she does so, as she admits to having been helped by her family a great deal in the past, an admirable quality is shown, humility. As it is most evident, she has nothing to hide and everything to show for it. Her gentle playful nature and her amorous tendencies ring true just like the bells of Maegan’s Church as she , puts family, love and God above all else in her life. Right now the spotlight is on her, and believe it will be stolen with just the wink of her teal colored eye’s.

Maegan’s beauty both internal and external will be the vehicle to the very successful path in which she has chosen. Another Chameleon like trait is that she is a aspiring business woman, and you will soon see that she will start a “Maegan Belle Empire”…as you may visit her web site at www.maeganbelle.com, where she will chat with fan’s, sell merchandise, and host Events as well. “After her Modeling career gains momentum so will her brand Le Sexxx LLC. If you’d like to see more of this girl she is featured in Sweets , October 2010 issue, and Stunnaz NFL Camp Issue also coming out soon, which is a perk for her, growing up in Maine she fell in love with Football!

As she cheers” Go Patriots!!!” She is in the midst of selling her t-shirts, posters and calendar’s…….. Let us take into account….Maegan Belle WILL BE a “household name”, she is making her way into your home, either by reading material, Internet, or T.V. , if I were you I’d get used to seeing this face….. she just got here and by the looks of it, the only place she’s plan’s on venturing to is….the “Top” TINA M. SCHIRO

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