Miss Natalie Caez

Natalie CaezShe is often compared to the late, yet forever celebrated Aaliyah, music’s own humming bird. If you’ve been witness to the voice of Natalie Caez and how sweet & steadily she carries a tune, you’d concur with Prince ( The Artist) himself and relate her voice to his lyrics in saying “This is what it sounds like when Dove’s cry.” The effects of her heart felt verses will resonate throughout the deepest waves of memories past. You will orientate to this Songstress, be forewarned, she’s bewitching to your ears……. as she is coequally engaging to your eyes.

Natalie Caez was born on a crisp November night, with a set of monumental eyes that have not changed in beauty or focus. She was destined to be seen and heard. Dance classes at age 3, to singing solos in the school choir, to Pep Rally’s for all games, in the shower, car, and in front of the mirror,( yes, she is that girl, and comfortable in her own skin to admit to this). It was more than evident she was always perfecting her craft. Her ambition was and remains relentless. Having the support from her Parents made her road a much easier path traveled. She then went on to teach Dance classes and started recording in the studio at 16 years of age, she began to realize that she had all the ingredients and now was time to combine all of the elements of her talents, and so it begins…..

She had her hands in everything, as this is ideal for a successful artist, doing hooks for local Rappers, promos for DJ’S/DJ Mix tapes, as well as singing for a Rap group, where she was the only female singer. It wasn’t until she went to college that she “found her sound”, with the help of her Producer and Mentor “Shy Boogs”” “The moment I started to write and record my own songs in the studio with him, I then said” ok, THIS IS IT, I’m finally well on my way to becoming an artist!” N.C Being influenced by names such as Stevie Wonder, Lauren Hill, Aaliyah, and without hesitation would like to collaborate in the near future with Drake.
Studio sessions on a consistent basis, she is no stranger to hard work and determination, each and every week she has Vocal Training with Celebrity Vocal coach Craig Derry.

Her debut album fall upon us like warm rain, with her first single entitled,” Here I Come” it will be available on iTunes The debut album gives you the listener some insight on her utmost thoughts and feelings, which was not difficult for her to express, due to the fact that Natalie Caez got her degree in communications /journalism. “It’s about confidence, empowerment, sexiness, everything wonderful about being a strong woman, including life’s up and downs, heartbreak, and letting go. This album will show how versatile an artist I can be.”N.C. All of these irrepressible efforts in all aspects of her continual regiment have allowed her sound to create quite a buzz, but in Natalie Caez’s case, it is quite comparable to the depth and determination of the Thorn Bird, although the Thorn Bird only sings once in it’s lifetime, it set’s out to find the longest and sharpest of thorns to impale it’s breast upon, and it’s beauty is that it rises above it’s agony, and yet it will out carol the Lark and the Nightingale. The song is supposed to be most unforgettable, quite similar to her sound , whose zest for life, and love and keeping a positive attitude are both intriguing and inspirational.

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