Model Q&A: L. Scarlett

Steamy Columbian Siren….L.Scarlett

Ethnicity- 100% Columbian

L. Scarlett, this woman is on fire! She is confident and eye catching. She is full-blooded Columbian, she has such an exotic look you would think she is of another ethnicity, such as Phillipino, or Island born. But Scarlett quotes” if I were to show some skin, it would have to be my stomach and legs, so gentlemen you’ll have a treat.” “I work out every day, and just like Shakira, my hips don’t lie.” She is also an avid belly dancer, and believes that working out puts her in a calm state of mind. Watch out boys! She is so charismatic, and her driven attitude is in the look she gives off. I asked her what are the benefits of being a woman? L.S. quotes,” women hold a lot of power in their hands, we are very much equal to men these days. Any particular heroes I ask? L.S. replies”, yes, God, and my Mother, God first and everything else will follow. I ask her what is sexy to you in a man? “ I look at teeth, hair, nails. “ “I believe always put your best foot forward, how you look on the outside really represents who you are, and first impressions count.” What could a man do to make you happy? L.S.- states that it’s not hard, just a simple how was your day, how are you, this goes a lot further that just, oh, you look good. Single men out there keep these things in mind just in case you ever get to meet Miss Scarlett, because she is single and looking! She says thank you to anyone who supports her and follows her photos and to keep watch for her because she’ll be everywhere!

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