Model Q&A: Vanessa Demira

Vanessa DimeraThis gorgeous Lioness is both sexy and sweet

Vanessa Demira
Born in June
Ethnicity- Brazilian & Italian
Favorite color- Blue

Vanessa is so sweet, her demeanor is humble and gentle. She tells me that she knows it is not a very sexy thing to admit, but she sleeps in pajamas, because they are comfortable. AWWWW…. But on the other end of the retrospect I asked her, Fishnets or thigh highs? “ white fishnets, all the way! Vanessa believes that her personality is the most poignant of her characteristics . Vanessa quotes “ I am really friendly, not to be confused with slutty friendly.” I asked her what her pictures would say to the readers? She said “of course you would see someone sexy on the exterior but I’m not like that, I am really down to earth and basic.” “What you see on the exterior is totally opposite of what’s on the inside.” Vanessa started out modeling a few years ago for a photographer named Frank Antonio, (which she’d like to Thank). She would like to further her modeling career. Vanessa’s very computer literate, and loves computers, but originally wanted to become a lawyer, but she says with a smile, I’m just not that aggressive of a person to be a lawyer. I do plan on returning to school along with pursuing my modeling career. I asked, what is your idea of the perfect man? “ He has to be honest”, and I cannot get involved with anyone that is not my friend first, not to sound corny, but I have dated a few liars.” I ask at this point in life, (keep it real) would you rather money or love? She replies” LOVE, I’m a puppy. Readers this woman is adorable! I asked, “what makes you gush? “ Vanessa replies” I know this is so cliché, but I love flowers! Well I am now a firm believer that beauty really does come from the inside out……

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