Model Q&A: Kiana Shields

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the sexiest of them all?

Kiana Shields
19 years old

Hi Kiana. She replies with a big smile “hello.”  She says a smile is contaegous. Kiana I have to ask you, what is your ethnicity? I am African American, Italian, and Native American. I tell her, your skin is glowing, Kiana states it’s from all the water I consume. I ask what her trademark would be, and she tells me “ It would have to be my innocent look, but if you get to know me, it’s completely different, I have little horns from time to time, lol.”

T.S.- You have to see these legs!
T.S._ Did you inherit those beautiful legs Kiana?
K.S.- I did….I did, she laughs, they are genetic, I got them from my Mom
T.S.-What would your picture say to the reader’s of Rix?
K.S.- “My picture would say” SEX SYMBOL!” I believe I am very pretty,” I look at myself in the mirror all the time.”
T.S. Hands down…. I have to give you that, you do not even have make up on .
T.S.- What makes you weak in the knees about a male?
K.S.- Ahhhh…with a long slow sigh, I love muscles, they make me stare, and I try not to show I’m looking at them, but I cannot help
T.S.- I’m sure the readers will not hesitate to look at you Kiana, and will be keeping a look out for you in the future as well

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