Model Q&A: Kate McCormack

Can’t stop these Irish eye’s from smiling……

Kate McCormack
20 years old

You can see Kate’s smile from a mile away along with her bubbly personality. She seemed a little shy at first so I wanted to break her in a little bit….
T.S.- Kate, you have a great figure, how much do you work out?
K.M.- I’d say about 3 times a week…
T.S. –Are you single Kate?
K.M- Yes! Single, and looking…
T.S.- What do you think the benefits of being a woman?
K.M.-I think as women we can get away with so much, oh and free drinks at the bar”,lol.
T.S.- If you wanted to show skin, what body part would you expose?
K.M.- I’d expose my breasts, I like them, and I like the way they look in clothing. I like to show a lot of cleavage
T.S.-What type of men do you look for?
K.M.- Kate reply’s” truthful men, men do not boast or brag there is nothing worse than that, well that and a man still living at home…lol
T.S.-What physical features are you attracted to in a man?
K.M- I love to look in their eyes, and beautiful eyelashes are a turn on for me. Men that are tall and have nice bodies
T.S.- Kate where was the hottest place you ever had sex?
K.M-Ohhhh…”a balcony”- she giggles, as the memory is still fresh in her mind
T.S. – Nice!
K.M. Her face turning red, she’s grabbing her knees with her legs crossed …,not sure people may have been watching………
T.S.- Well Kate, the reader’s of Rix Magazine will definitely be keeping watch for you as well!!

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