Sandra Bolanos / Sandra MUA Ala’ Mode

They say the root of something is usually the most precious…. Quite like virgin hair…and the irony is that we are now going to get to the root of a human being that corrects roots, colors and alters them, along with rejuvenating them.

Sandra Bolanos … being a designer and artist of both hair and makeup, her skill comes from a deep desire to consistently proceed in gaining knowledge , supersede limits, and break rules just by creating new ones. You never tell an artist what to do, if anything, they show you a new way the same thing has always worked, or has existed, but with a sense of flair…maybe even a lil rebellion. Even in her own eyes, in which she possesses lights and colors of all kinds….figuratively .physically and spiritually, there is a story. With phenomenal amounts of drive to succeed, enough to be driven to one destination and that is to the top. Being fashionably conscious since a child has, only heightened her sense of particular expertise with today’s hair & make-up industry. Sandra has studied Photography, Reiki, and Cosmetology…along with monthly extra curricular classes to enhance her knowledge of her craft. The good thing about her nature is, that it’s quite like makeup…. vibrant and adds life where life was once lacking, bronzer highlights cheekbone as to sunlight perfects a summer’s day. Hair and makeup are her passion, and she has many tools at hand that are poignant in being a make up artist/hair stylist/colorist, and I do not mean her brushes, scissors, and lipstick. I mean the capacity to learn from any imperfections if any, to take constructive criticism, and only become better as the road may become more obscure. She has a look all her own and ensures that anyone she lays her skills upon will as well….They say beauty is skin deep, true, but beauty comes from feeling beautiful, and making this happen. “That’s one thing Sandra has perfected” Witness her portfolio for yourself………seeing is believing……World, I introduce you to, Sandra Bolanos….make-up artist…as well as hair/color design …….

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