DJ Flash

DJ FlashYou can only insinuate that DJ Flash acquired his name from the super human comic book character “Flash” not only for his super speed but for violating the laws of physics….If you think you can spin like him…or anything remotely close to it? Step on up if you dare……time to create the updated version of Flash…DJ Flash that is. It’s not a surprise that this DJ comes from a musical background, educated at such an early age by his Father whom was a musician, led to DJ Flash’s piano playing, as well as attributing to his curiosity in all genres of music.

“I feel a strong connection to my music. I build on the music I was raised on. I was the only kid I knew that could be listening to Led Zeppelin, Prince, or James Brown, then jump to a Biggie or Nas track. I definitely feel that what I listen to shapes me into who I am, and the DJ that I am and will constantly evolve into throughout my career.

Born on April 2, 1988 at Palisades General Hospital in North Bergen, NJ of full blooded Cuban decent, this also adds to the strong roots that are quite visible in his musical aura, in fact, the Caribbean Island of Cuba has been influential in the development of multiple musical styles in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The DJ inside of the man is humble. DJ Flash radiates goodness, and to be humble is key. In his tracks he exudes the feelings in which he himself would like to experience, he wants to ensure that his people are happy, socialize…and music has a healing power all it’s own, when his crowd gets out there perhaps the music will wash away the stress of everyday life. DJ Flash is a multi-talented an artist of various sorts, such as video, photography, graphic design, working on his car and staying in great health is key.

Being most inclined to create his tracks at midnight. That seems to be when the magic happens for Flash, the witching hour of his music is relentless….the wheels are wide awake with fire that he will soon lay down in the array of venues he frequents, such as Suzie Wong’s…Bliss..118….Sandbar, and now will be entering a new phase in his DJ career as Resident DJ of Deko Lounge of New Jersey on Saturday nights (downstairs).

“My biggest mentors are the people I work with and see when I go out. DJ’s Chris Bachmann, DJ Toro, MC Len-E, The Impact Entertainment & E-Rock team who are really mentoring me and helping me go in the right direction with my career. My biggest inspirations: DJ AM.” Adam is probably the best DJ I have ever heard”. His knowledge of music was better than anyone I know. I’ve learned so much from listening to AM mix tapes, I hope to one day know my music as well as he did. My second biggest inspiration would have to be Michael Jackson. He was the king of “pop” but his music transcended over so many different genres during his career, he was a jack of all trades because he could always evolve.

I feel like evolving with the times is a big thing in this business”

When you’re witness to the music of DJ Flash …it speaks and what it’s saying is “feel me”…you cannot help but gravitate to the vibe he throws out into the crowd…track by track makes you do just that…he is on a musical high, this is what he lives for…..and AMEN to that! This can only mean that our ears will always be musically fulfilled as long as we have Flash at the decks.

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