DJ Drew Blaze

DJ Drew BlazeThis Newark bread boy with Latin blood running through his veins, allowed his inner beats to become stepping stones to the road he now follows….as a small child Andrew Besada AKA DJ Drew Blaze would listen to his Mother’s music developing an affinity with it….this was only the beginning. In gymnasiums filled with adolescents asking eachother to dance, this kid had music on his mind as well, but it didn’t involve dancing to the music, it was about creating it. Eagerly he peered at the DJ and his techniques the entire time in admiration, learning that the DJ is what controls the crowd.

At the age of 15 yrs old Drew and his friends would frequent NYC record stores and eventually would start to attend the parties for the flyers they’d brought home with them. Attending raves and underground parties and after hours allowed Drew to realize that DJ-ing is what he wanted to do, who he’d chose to become. One of DJ Drew Blaze’s first inspirations was DJ Bad Boy Bill introducing the genre of hard Chicago House, along with DJ Hitchcock who had an amazing mixing style that Drew was mesmerized by during trips to the studio. He also was inspired by his home town of Newark and all of it’s small raves he’d attended throughout his youth.

Yet another person of influence was DJ Realm who initially gave Drew studio time. DJ Drew Blaze recollects…”because of these influences, I’m at where I am today because of them.” My influences may change with the times but they were my very first mentors.” These days DJ Drew Blaze is influenced by his own gigs at venues such as Club Flight, 118 Lounge, XL Lounge, Vivo Lounge (which he and his brother are the proprietors of), Zen Lounge, DM Lounge. Lastly but definitely not least a few NYC venues such as Guest House, Rebel, Pacha,and International Canelas, Porto-Novo Spain. With ambition as his driver, skill will be his transportation, delving into the aspects of Production, he’s picking up momentum, and fast.

He has played side by side with the likes of Mario Calegari,Richie Santana,Peter Bailey, Rob Mirage, Peter Rauhoffer,Justin Imperiale of Cabanna Recordings and Mike Wright of 2 Travelers. DJ Drew Blaze’s most creative moments range from when he wakes to the second he enters the door after hearing a really talented DJ spin at an after hours. He is highly influenced by weather, relationships, and of his many accomplishments, not to mention, the destinations he has traveled to. He is very connected to the feeling music gives him and to putting on a show for his people. In interviewing DJ Drew Blaze he had a passion for his listeners, quite like the late, great, Ludwig van Beethoven…and this was where the two were one in thought….”I wish you music to help with the burdens of life, and to help you release your happiness to others.”¬†Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 – 1827)

With an interest in production as well as DJ-ing his talents are limitless and at such a young age, I hope the world is ready for this successful DJ and young business owner, because ready or not…meet, DJ Drew Blaze

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