Dante Lavorato

Dante LavoradoIt is easy to reach for the stars…..living high atop the mountain slopes of the West Orange Hills…where it’s almost as if he has touched the stars…wish upon them…draw beneath their radiant light… even capture their beauty behind a lens, that has a most stealth, artistic eye. If given the chance, at any given moment….a caricature….portrait…of yourself ,.anyone for that matter will exist, almost in a human form, for the detail is so magnificent, precise free hand, I may add…your doppelganger will be born of his pen.

Dante Lavorato is part prodigy/part of God’s description,”the meek shall inherit the Earth.” When he let’s his mind control the camera, it’s almost as if he can see the obscure beauty in everything, everyone, and make you witness to the bond, he, the model and the camera share. He is a TRUE artist…from his pen…to his pencil…to his lens. End result being.. ”Art is anything we can get away with” (Andy Warhol)…..I say it’s his passion that has become the chauffer to his destiny.

Intrigued by what may encompass his path, his style is diversified. Ranging from the most extravagant inanimate object, to simplicity in an eye lash that has fallen on the cheek of a stranger…..all things possess beauty, when this eye is the beholder

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