Cassondra Tessa

The name Cassondra Tessa will be linked to other great artists of past, present and future. On January 28, 1992, born of a Southern Bell state, South Carolina, may explain the type of indebted persona that radiates from this young multitalented woman, without her even having to curtsy. Her talents range from Dancing to Acting, Modeling, as well as writing.

At the age of just 18 she is focused and driven by the success of other’s which makes her yearn more deeply for her own. “If I gain recognition for doing what I love than that honestly, is enough for me.” I have also learned that in this industry, sometimes “NO” doesn’t mean “never”, just means not right now, I’m not discouraged, I understand that things continually change especially in the “norm” of what casting companies desire. Being a dancer since single digit numbers, four to six times a week, she dances her heart literally out, for the world to see, what may exhaust most, she perseveres through the any circumstance. It’s no wonder she shares the same birthday as Mikhail Baryshnikov.

The only thing she will not compromise is the extent of showing skin, “I do not mind showing skin for the sake of modeling, but it does not define who I am.” Cassondra Tessa has the heart of a child…the looks of a classic beauty without a doubt and this demure sense of maturity that captivates anyone who encompasses her path. She’s the girl next door, she’s the one you’d kink your neck to second glance her, she’s the one that you’ll need a fire extinguisher next to you just to view her pictures. Not only is she a flame on the outside but it’s the center of her being that is most smoldering quite like a flame. Intellectually savvy, taken by humor of all kinds, boasts about how supportive her parents are, and is already plotting to repay them for all of their endeavors.

This is not only a woman that will go great lengths, she will exceed any and all expectations one may have of her, her cheery, light hearted attitude will glide her way straight to stardom. Cassondra Tessa has done work on Law & Order, Gossip Girl and films, including Little West 12th Street, as well as one coming out, which it’s tentative title is called, “Twisted” As for modeling she has worked with the likes of Miqueas “PM”, an up and coming artist, as well as shooting for lingerie lines, along with FueledMag an online car magazine. In constant pursuit of modeling projects, acting and with her dancing regimen she has little time for friends. What’s on this 18 yr old’s mind isn’t that of your typical teen. Cassondra has been judged her entire life as a child by other children, even extended family members, questioning her abilities.

Little do they know she was the Golden child…..that which derives from her true name’s meaning “shinning upon man”, in this case all that glitters is truly gold.

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