DJ Sal Klutch

DJ Sal KlutchKind of like the Outlaw Kid of the West is comparable to our Dj Sal Klutch of the East. He has gotten this far from, “sticking to his guns” . Au courant before each gig, musically apt, with crisp kicks, with hands that can cut up the hottest vinyls without getting scorched, not only good on the tips of his fingers but the tips of his toes, he runs with it, takes the crown, the title, not because he sets out to, but his musical alter ego wants it, and damn well deserves it. He doesn’t have a “Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am” of gigs, after they get a taste of what he is bringing to their table, he is no longer a guest anymore, he becomes part of the “house setting”, {WARNING} This is what your soul can’t help but whisper in your ears when your in his element…” Dance!! So cutting edge you’d think that he himself invented all the actual tracks he lays down, inevitably one can only guess this is why he holds residencies in Vegas, Chicago, NY, & NJ even when he travels he feels at home because he has built such a huge fan base everywhere, it’s as almost as if he lives there year round DJ Sal Klutch couldn’t stress enough to me how lucky he has been in his life when it comes to his music and how he gets the liberty to play his sets the way he does, and believes that you constantly evolve and learn as an individual. His hunger for music is unlike any I myself have witnessed.

He’s got an old soul that takes a young soul on the sly and becomes a musical mentor. I present the question, “If your music could speak, what exactly would it say?” Quite the comedian DJ Klutch is, he answer’s my question with, “I can’t believe he had the ba**s, to play me out in public, and they like me!!! They REALLY, REALLY like me!!!!!! Playing along side some of the greatest , most unforgettable Dj’s, a few to mention for example, DJ AM (RIP) ,DJ Jazzy Jeff and Stretch Armstrong, also in the midst of doing a lot of work with DJ Riz from the Crooklyn Clan. I’d like to eventually push the producing aspect a whole lot harder in the future. DJ Sal Klutch is inspired by eclectic tracks, kicks, family and friends. DJ Sal Klutch eats music for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Diet of champion’s; this is evident, if you’ve been witness to his sets….

His fervor and zest for music and both life are almost contagious. These are footsteps you should definitely trail if becoming a full fledged heart and soul DJ to the core. I ask DJ Klutch,” Is there anything that can compare to playing for the masses of people, bum rushing the dance floor, DJ booth,etc” with a truthful tone he states, “ I heard having your first child is one of the most amazing feelings in the world, but since that hasn’t happened yet…..there is nothing comparable to that feeling, no way, no how. You read it here, “When you live and breathe music the way that I do, it almost becomes a personal friendship, and provides me with a sense of feeling complete, ANYTIME I can get my hands on some vinyl.” S.K. The words of Dj Sal Klutch are heard a little something like this, “ In ten years, I see myself in a club, rockin a fresh pair of kicks, putting together crazy routines and edits, showin the younger crowd that , I’m still on my game and I haven’t lost any Pep in My Step”.

DJ Sal Klutch opened two Vegas Night clubs within two years, holding a residency last year at Rok Las Vegas, and as well as opening Vegas’ Haze ,at the brand new City Center Hotel. We all have dreams, and now you have some insight into the mind, music, as well as the caliber of DJ That represents both East & West….

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