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Like the Capa Rose sits and beautifully exists in the realms of Puerto Rico, both endangered and rare it reminds me of an ambitious girl who blossomed into a Style Savvy woman that has already started to grace the fields of today’s Fashion Industry. It is no coincidence that she is inspired by flowers, colors,and the ocean as well as scents.. With her vivacious smile and her keen ability to read style based on each individual as if it were written on their skin, I would say she is almost psychic in the “fashion sense”. Femininity and poise pull extreme rank in the case of Ms. Ashley Rose. She is soft spoken with with a merciless hankering in her pursuit to target and sustain success.






Immediately catching on to her bond with clothing, this pint size ingenue would lay out an outfit for her Father every evening before work, would tirelessly cut out magazine clippings of clothes, shoes, beauty products, handbags, music, etc, to create style boards. Ashley Rose wears a smile and confidence so well , it’s difficult to see past these two accessories to take a gander at her ensemble she frequently rocks so well. With these attributes, who dare need any other attire?

Sweet like the candied colors she loves to incorporate into her wardrobe, she plans on being the arms her Father can rest easily on in his retirement years, to ensure his security,  as he did when he raised her single handed since her tender age of just three years old. She hopes  to make her Mother whom left her, proud of that once young girl she left behind so many years ago, only to see that with or without her……. Ashley Rose went above and beyond anything, anyone could have ever conceived.





She is inspired by finding great deals on fashion and believes that  fashion isn’t based on wearing the most expensive brand names, it’s about different cultures, vintage, and the many styles that occupy countries across the map, from India to Milan, from Paris to Africa. Fashion pertains to how well an individual finds their best accessory that separates them from the fashion trends that inevitably fade and the one’s that will repeatedly make waves in fashions deep waters.The weather is the deciding factor of her attire each day, it’s one of her morning rituals besides meditation after she wakes, this is when she has her best ideas and visualizes her productivity.”Even though I love luxurious clothes and things at the end of the day they are material objects that come and quickly go…leaving a lasting memory in my clients lives will last forever .” ~Ashley Rose

While she plans on working with top designers as well as TV and Magazines, simultaneously intends to remain humble as the industry can try to eat you up and spit you out alive, remaining grounded helps her stay focused on achieving her goals, her list is long but not far fetched, no task is too great in her eyes. As she aspires to own her own petite clothing & shoe line, she as well wants to start a non profit organization and own her own Dance Studio for Children and adults



With a style and alacrity all her own, she is taken by the iconic “modus operandi’s ” of style, preferably the roaring 1920’s, to the classic pin up! The painfully provocative glamour of Marilyn Monroe to Gwen Stefani’s funky/stylish sass, to Heidi Klum and Rachel Zoe for their “in the know” because of their in the NOW timeless fashionable traits.Her main goal as a Motivational Personal Stylist is to transform her clients and make them feel incredible at the same time getting to know them on a personal level .Finding out their goals is poignant. When you feel great , there is no doubt that you look great, it starts from within! It is no surprise that she will go great lengths to follow her dreams , as it is paying off and making her reality quite euphoric and fulfilling . As Fashion Stylist Director at Plitz’s Fashion Week this year , our heads will be sure to turn, as she will make the most memorable presence. Working with clients of  a talented diversity, ranging in fashion, to music, to modeling, there isn’t an area she is willing to leave unattended. She has worked with the like of the blushing bride, modern businesswoman/man, politicians, musicians, supermodels, comedians, actresses/actors and many other public figures. To name a few actress Jenn Pinto, Goya Robles, DJ Mar Y Soul, Nicole Dominguez (Faith & Hope Domestic Violence Program), and Angie’s Boutique Winter Catalog,Paradise Bikini, Gigi’s Bikini, Lady Zombie. & Paul Testa Clothing. She strides with “fashionable foot forward” every step she takes, styling/directing photo shoots, fashion shows, events, fundraiser’s,as well as music video’s. Let it be known……A rose isn’t a rose by any other name than ……. Ashley Rose




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