Prince Hakim

If music could be worn…it would be fit for a Prince….Meet Prince Hakim……….



Here to showcase his genius in music, his name Prince Hakim and what he stands for as an artist, and the road he’s traveled to get to this stage of his career….will only leave you to desire more.

You can assume that growing up in the realms of A-Listers as a child bestowed a seed of musical magnetism upon him. His Father being a musical legend from the group Kool & the Gang ignited the flame deep within the roots of talent that engulfed the core of Prince Hakim. He can recall being backstage witnessing the likes of talents likes of ,MJ, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Bon Jovi, Prince perform.Many that have been inspirational in his musical nurturing.From talent shows, dancing, singing, etc…. there wasn’t much ground he hadn’t utilized in a short period of time by rapping,singing,dancing etc., musically speaking he was well on his way.



Inspired by the sounds of both past & present & is well on his way to making a future sound all his own. Prince Hakim has gotten the chance to perform with many great artists, and being that blessed is what gives this young, talented star his shine. He’s graced MSG, Wembley Arena, Kenya Africa, NjPac, BBkings,Apollo,touring with my dads band for 10 years, he is proud to admit that he is very blessed.” I’ve rocked in Paris,London, Switzerland, Africa, Hawaii, Canada,…..I was BORN TO ROCK and I’m going to roll with it” ~ Prince Hakim.

Run-DMC to Aerosmith or Akon to Linkin Park….and everything in between.

Rick Ross, K’ naan (Dope) Lady GaGa is dropping SMASHES!! Jay Z is the King, Kanye is necessary, and Beyonce dangerously talented. Lupe fiasco is fire also…oh and BOB, Bruno Mars. i like how they mixed genre’s, this is what Prince Hakim plans on showing the World as well. His hands are quite like the wind, you can’t necessarily see it, but you can feel his presence. Already making his mark with the talent he has showcased thus far, he plans on upping the ante in a major way.



Performing a private show for Tommy Hilfiger, with attendees such as Paris Hilton, Tom Arnold, Stevie Wonder and Lindsey Lohan, as this was one of the highlights of his career.Prince Hakim is inspired daily by other musicians of all kinds, not just one genre of music, he feels he is a bunch of artists all combined in one. This ability allows him to be a chameleon of sorts.

Having Produced /Written a top 15 song in Germany recently called “One Life” by No Angles, with these additional skills necessary to add to any list of superb ingredients, he is transitioning each day with the full circle of the music industry that is constantly evolving, as human beings we are always willing to educate ourselves to the best of our knowledge, as this is essential for growth , as believes Prince Hakim.



With appearences on the hit talk show “The View”, as well as the “Today Show” and on youtube channel Prince Hakim12. This isn’t the first nor the last you will see nor hear of this rarity , already internationally known he is bringing his vibe and his apparent zeal for the music to our ears here in the states…..Prince Hakim has studied and will always take note and pay great tribute to his peers, in taking that initiative , it has acted as a life-long vehicle to his success, and as this humble artist/producer show’s us what he’s got, and then some”




Tina M. Schiro

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