Andrew Besada ‘DJ’

A Warrior of Sorts …Yet a man.. DJ/Producer DJ Drew Blaze ,with a hunger beyond all reasonable doubt…walking the sands of music dripping wet with passion and the residuals from the beats seeping from his pores, building his musical muscles each day that passes…he talks and walks in a language conjured up of congas & trumpets. His tracks speak in melodies, as acoustic drops stand side by side..a marriage of music, a bond that is unyielding.



With techniques that leave a resounding chill in the room, you are witness to his use of the ECHO Effect or the PAN which furnishes his set, and gives his music the movement that it does. Every time this DJ touches the tables he is more in tune….musically, mentally , physically, he feels centered. As it was evident at a very young age that music caught his eye or shall we say”ear” more than anything ever could. Growing up on the Yin & Yang’s of music, he has Cuban Afro Beats and Acoustic guitar melodies that sit right at the borders of his mind, that always seem to be present whenever his creativity gains momentum…



With a Heavy Bass addiction DJ Drew Blaze is known for his funky drum & conga driven beats, with chilling vocals to match, while dropping effects that keep his listener’s anticipating, they are simultaneously singing to old vocals, while hearing new edgy tunes. This style DJ is rare. He recalls going into Satellite Records ,buying some Chicago hard house, which many people are unaware that house was HUGE in Chicago in it’s early stages, you had a DJ named Ron Hardy that introduced House music in Chicago in the year 1977 to 1982, as he played in a Club owned be the Iconic Frankie Knuckles. dJ Drew has knowledge beyond his years, s this is inevitable. He purchased a record that had Tetris, and Meet the Flinstone’s, as other people may have turned their head to this, DJ Drew Blaze decided to turn his wheels to it…..and this is where he has come since then…..where Past meets Present, all over again.




He has graced the Ultimate Floors of Pacha, and the sound system mutually bows to his beats, as well as memories of being on the decks of establishments like GreenHouse, Webstar Hall, Mansion all in NYC. NJ establishments include Sand Bar,Surf Club, Bliss,46 Lounge and last but not least, my very own venue of Vivo Lounge, all accompanied by some of his favorite equipment, Traktor, along with Traktor control X, as it allows him to have cutting edge loopin & effects. He has also spun at places such as Canelas and Buddha Bar in Spain. With ingenuity and drive he plans on having many more tracks to come produced by himself in the future….there is a passion he possesses that only a child born the day before Valentine’s Day can maintain .I say to DJ Drew Blaze ” Do you think music is just as essential to you as food?” and with a look of incredible pondering, he replies”, Yes, Food keeps me from dying, MUSIC is what keeps me LIVING.” DJ DB… The heart is in the music as it is plain to see ….it’s about the music and the man’s growth over time, as everything is ever changing…….

“Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend.”

Ludwig van Beethoven




Tina M Schiro

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