Joanne Marte

    • Born in 1980 among the hills of Spanish Harlem the world was graced with a baby girl that would one day mention her home town , and never forget where she came from, and certainly not falter on where she is determined to go. The name Joanne Marte will ring bells, Marte means Mars in Spanish… a butterscotch in color….known as the mysterious red planet….and continues to fascinate as it is told that life exists there aside from all the other planets. Every two years the Sun, Earth and Mars align….the irony in all of this is that the signs are within us, and covet our spirits, occupy our blood, and are in our personal space , just waiting for us to attract them, posses them. 

      This is what is seen when looking at this woman, with an confidence so incandescent it’s almost as if the sun or even the light of the moon radiates from her being. She is a force all her own, balancing modeling, Mommy and a licensed message therapist. Yes, she can admit I’m ONLY 5’6 but stand 6 foot tall in the Couture World because “I was made for this” ~J.M. And her photos are the proof in the pudding that keeps the image sticking in our minds.

    • A motivating factor is her child that has looked up at her with his grand eyes of innocence and says “Mami Tu Ta Linda”, whenever he see’s her, also equally motivating is her personal MUA, talent manager and friend Veronica Castro along for the ride , surpassing the bumps in the road, together they are conquering the destination at hand. Along with Ashley Rose / Stylist who set her walking her first runway. The list is long and contains many talented artists she works with such as Wilmary Pardo,Marianne Cordero,Sandra Baquero,DPICreative,Jose Iguana Verde Zurita, Anthony Winters, last but not least Joe nunez, the very first photographer I shot with. Designers with sass… exuding fashion flair, sex appeal, and classic eclectic designs , from Elena V, Lele Tran, Gigi Bikini, Devon Thomas, to Sharon Davis, Paradise Bikini, Angie’s Boutique, Faindry Salamanca and Alisha Stevens……..
    • Joanne Marte has not only a modeling mission, she plans on buying a big beautiful house with a picket fence for her son, with a backyard and dog house. She also plans visit her Motherland of Dominican Republic more often each year, she hopes that her success can touch and restore the many men, woman, and children who are starving, in need of food, medical, in fact…just water even. The everyday things we take may tend to take for granted are the same things that drive this strong Dominican Beauty to be puissant and to hold her motto true to her heart” I will succeed through helping other’s succeed.” Never burn bridges, for you never know who will hold your future in their hands” ~ J.M


Tina M. Schiro




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