Sandra A’la Mode MUA

An artist of many talents encapsulated into one human being makes for the most intriguing colors….and endless palette born of her hands.
She is comprised of all Earth’s elements….stronger than the currents of water…makes you delighted to share the same air,all the while her fire is ignited in the flair and flame her work produces.From Photo Shoots, Editorials, Film and Special events that include, Bridal, Sweet Sixteens, Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s and Prom to Avant Garde as well as High Fashion Glamour. This once little girl who wanted nothing but to touch beauty so badly, had to attain it the hard way, which quickly turned child to woman in every sense of the word. Sandra Ala Mode is not only an MUA, she has roots in Photography, Reiki, Hair & Makeup and Design. Having these attributes makes it easy for her to transform a beautiful face into something much more exquisite, dreamlike and erupts with great grandeur. She never falls into one category for there is no box big enough, pushing the limits in the makeup world, making them obsolete. Attending School for Hair and Makeup led to a feeling that she could not ignore, the moment she lay her hands upon those brushes she felt at home , alive and she would show the world rainbows do exist. Most people run from their fears, not this girl, she is driven by them, they are drowned out by the hue’s she blends so articulately, almost impossible to decipher if it is airbrush or just her brushes that occupy her belt. Her work speaks for itself, in a tone that is both calming and corrupts your senses. Her finished faces possess a variety that can display an essence of virginal glows or haute harlot looks. She has worked alongside great artists like Lucas John Apice Photography, Flaunt Sessions , Ashley Rose and Voa Salon. Faster than the shutter of the lens or the blink of the smokey eye she conjures up, her work makes the most flawless mark in the world of Makeup .Having her skills grace the cover of Latino Show Magazine, the works of DPI Creative and continual Photo Shoots with Lucas Apice, she exhibits the need for continual reinvention and the ability to stay cutting edge for she is undefined, hence the name Sandra Ala Mode.
She can be contacted at the following :[email protected]

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