A breezy day in September and her world awaits a girl whose presence was long overdue. Her entrance sets the tone for her personality, for there is no rushing genius. Jazmyn adorned the world with a bit of a much provoked cry the day she was born as all eyes were watching. That same baby girl, who was reluctant to make a sound, is quite the opposite of the woman who sings before us today. Her sultry voice makes its way into the corridors of your mind and sleeps in your soul…as only the most memorable sounds often do.

They say that pain makes you stronger, but what you do not hear about are the trials in between. Although her lyrics and her edge may give some insight, all the guitar strings in the world can never cry loudly enough to match the tears she has turned to rays of sun that occupy her world, for she is so bright melodically, intellectually, and emotionally that she could light the night sky.

Converting what were once traumatic experiences into heartfelt soul searching, she found her voice. Writing both lyrics and poetry, Jazmyn, who has Asperger’s, views the world differently, displaying these recherché traits in her performance. From recitals to church choir, school chorus, and pageants, if there was an opportunity to perform and sing her heart out while melting those around her, consider it done. She artistically spoon-fed her soul all the components it needed to grow, thrive, and own the gifts she was given. Her sound is nurtured…fueled with ambition, backed by intellect and doused with talent. Inspirations come through change, growth, and experience for this trouvère, of sorts, using her many roles as Mother, Wife, and Artist giving her center stage undoubtedly.A class act indeed, she mixes blues with edge and pop, never escaping what she knows second nature. She is sure to incorporate all of these genres into her distinct vocals as well as her guitar routines.

Jazmyn grew up listening to the sounds of Air Supply, Chicago, and Michael Jackson, all introduced by her mother. She later found her own musical sanctuary in Jodeci, SWV, and Keith Sweat.

Most people wake up and have breakfast; Jazmyn ingests melodies. Words flow from her pen to be listened to again and again. Jazmyn’s melodies are comparable to the “Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever” as stated by the American philosopher, George Boolos, inspired by Raymond Smullyan. It speaks of True, False, and Random, the gods to whom questions were posed just like the sequence of events in her life. All the “Truths” which are obvious, “Random” events lead the musical mayhem that her magical sound exudes as in her recent compositions. Third, the “False” misconceptions of being a woman on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum. Misdiagnosed with ADHD, severe depression, panic disorder, and generalized anxiety in her early 20’s, she didn’t realize she had actually been dealing with Asperger’s her entire life. A light turned on for her when her son was officially diagnosed with Asperger’s after he had been misdiagnosed as severe ADHD for many years. Jazmyn is currently in the process of receiving her “official” diagnosis.

With a voice expressive as a nightingale, it shouts, I’m here, and I will live more than just an ordinary life! Jazmyn’s vocals are a mixture of pleasure and pain. From the wrongful death of her father, a law officer, a year after her birth, the depths of her soulful voice are a product of being emotionally beaten down yet standing tall, proud ,and loud or not at all, the way all music should be heard.

Written by Tina Schiro



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