DJ B-Fine

Talk about FINE tuning… talent rising from the heat of the summer day he was born, straight to the dance floors he ignites.Young and ambitious, this music man is already eclectic in the business of beats. Meet and Greet…

DJ B-Fine

With the main focus on being a crowd-pleaser, DJ B-Fine has one goal in mind and an effortless task at hand… his listeners, the dance floor’s crooning beat hounds, focused on their ears drug of choice. With his ability to make a most vivid impression, his style speaks of his earliest influences, while his manipulation of the turntables shows his originality and skill. Known for a knack to throw in a MJ track and peak the crowds attention, he hits you with a dose of DJ doctoring, playing what you want and what you need to hear.

Gracing booths from NYC and NJ, to Boston and Rhode Island, it is his ongoing desire to rock crowds everywhere. As DJ Riz has always said, “consistency = longevity” … something DJ B-Fine uses to separate himself from the competition.

Holding Jazzy Jeff as his inspiration, along with the long and colorful track record of his mentors DJ Klutch, his manager Jerry X Carollo and DJ Riz, he is well tailored musically, with a fitting pursuit… of music and its endless versatility…

“Being able to control emotion is powerful thing and such a great feeling. Seeing the looks on everyone’s faces and hearing the “ohhhs” when you drop a track they’ve never heard before but instantly fall in love with or impress them with a technical part of your set… when you know you’ve really got them… it’s not an easy feeling to describe, but keeps me coming back for more.” – DJ B-Fine


Tina M. Schiro


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