At what initially was just a conversation, about three years old in fact, now proves that a vision can become reality with perseverance and strengths beyond measure. With timing being everything Lou Ravennati Promotions was born. Lou Ravennati was the epitome of an athlete all throughout his youth, from soccer, to baseball , to wrestling. Inspirations have manifested in his lifetime through most of what were the unexpected circumstances that would cultivate the man behind the motives and the  muscle memory in not only the physical but the spiritual and mental aspects of his being. As life takes turns and twists quite like that of a roller coaster, a traumatic accident lead to this pivotal moment causing everything to domino effect into a downward spiral for him. He was hospitalized with neck fusion, where he was placed in the hands of an expert team of Dr.’s. Lou has metal plates, screws and other muscle skeletal paraphernalia that hold his neck in alignment with his spine, which also has cord damage. In any great story there is always a double edged sword, but know this, “he will use this sword to fend his way from the darkness to the light”. He was instructed by Doctors , that he was forbidden to work out, play sports or do anything strenuous ,like skiing,soccer, weights. This triggered the guns of depression, leading to weight gain and basically changing this machine of a man to one who would become immobilized. It came to a point where he had enough, of the weight gain, and his life was not his own, he had to break the shell he had been incased in by his depression, insecurities and break free. Lou ignored the the rules and regulations and set out to do what he’s always done, be a fighter. He went on to train hours on end, fought the weight off in very limited time. He became friends with Rob Fletcher Founder of ANGT who has been a big inspiration in this journey. Now that he has all of his goals in order he finds the time to take in inspiration that feeds his own desire to achieve and constantly strive at being healthy and physically fit Lou Ravennati Promotions was designed for anyone who has ever beats the odds, went against the grain, stood up for themselves or others. He is a recruiter of individuals for fitness, he delegates event planning, an advocate for various charity events and gala’s. He has built a motivational Model Management Team, where the web site provides fitness Q&A, and the stories of the fitness Models and their roads to recovery, wether it be Cancer, being bullied, excessive weight gain, abuse physical/mental, these individuals are the super hero’s of the everyday world that do not get the recognition they deserve. It takes great strength not only in the physical but in the emotional means necessary to win a battle of any sort… you can set out to fight…but sometimes we are our own worst enemy, and this is why Lou Ravennati Promotions was created and will be campaigned worldwide, geared toward women and children, giving incentive , advice, shedding light on fitness and determination. All entries stories along with pictures of before and after are welcome, we want to hear your victories both big and small, let the cycle of confidence be the best protein shake we can ingest, let the results of and inner/and aesthetically pleasing glow allow you to shine. Lou Ravennati Promotions was built and bread with all the natural ingredients a clean body and mind can be fed, let us feed you all your nutritional and fitness needs.

Tina M. Schiro

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