Tools of Honor is a name that was born out of a selfless act of kindness, simultaneously, all the while, countless brave men and women in the military fight on a daily basis for you ,myself ,and our country, so that we can let our sweet freedom ring and reverberate in the ears and hearts of a nation, past, present and future. For every time we see F16 fighter jets fly over head, or when a soldier boards an airplane knowing he or she will be separated from their loved ones to protect the safety of someone they have never even met. It is more than evident that the efforts of our soldiers go unnoticed , and thus the concept of “Tools of Honor” was conceived. Founded in 2012 by Louis Ravennati and John Fisher with both of the talents combined by Louis and John , great measures are taken to let these veterans know they are never forgotten and are appreciated. Louis is a Custom Builder of homes and John is an entertainer and comedian, which can give them both physical and emotional, and moral TLC in an attempt to acknowledge the heroic hearts of America’s finest, so that they may live comfortably in their homes, by providing not only shelter, but various modifications to suit the situation at hand, handicap accessible for those who have been wounded…. perhaps taking them to dinner with their families, give them proper gratitude for all of their courageous efforts. It is most evident that they will never forget their traumatic experiences they may have encountered, but “Tools of Honor” is just that, a tool to ease the pain, even if even just for one day ….. Freedom is not free without a fight…. Tools of Honor is a chance to extend a very gratuitous “Thank You” to all of our Soldiers…. sons, daughter’s, husband’s wives, both young and old, with hearts of gold, God Bless America!!!!

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