Jennifer M. Sabatino

Jennifer M. Sabatino , not a morsel of mediocre exists  in her makeup,,,,her surefire talented way with words are a catchy and quite addicting attribute ,….she is almost superhuman, the Fifth Element of the Literary World, and Enteroctopus dofleini of sorts…..for she has embraced  unimaginable  surfaces of all life’s deep waters, wether she could swim or not, almost likely the term “sink or swim” was created by her will and determination solely. She was born into the world by storm, literally, her Mother was rushed to the hospital during a major snowfall , where she gave birth to the ever so impatient Miss Jennifer M. Sabatino …..most ready to be remembered…….

“I always made my own rules and have always been determined. My first grade report card notes that I refused to accept the alphabet in the order in which it was in and I highly disagreed with the tune to which it was sung. I believed that the vowels should be together and that the music should sound much more like it did on television shows like the electric company.” JMS

An amalgam of beauty and diversity, she is  composed of both life’s feelings and challenges born of a Mother of the Philippines who spoke seven different languages and a Father who is a Shihan, part of a lineage in the Japanese Karate he was taught and has been teaching for years . Possessing an insatiable hunger that is almost ravenous for knowledge … compassion, love music, ,art and combining pain, strength, and the desire to reach the highest of standards of her TRUEST art form of all…Human Nature. Jennifer M. Sabatino exudes both present as well as past style that compares to the likes of Karen O. of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, the wit of  Margaret Thatcher and the capacity to sympathize with Edgar Allen Poe. While sitting under tables or small crevices, this is where she found comfort, security and created worlds all her own. Where her creativity and imagination can run free in it’s fields of unrestricted child’s play. From being born to test all limits , to her infatuation with providing shelter to all animals gone astray…both her heart and mind have reached distances that have endless depth. With a selfless air that almost makes her float, it is no wonder that her imagination is mammoth. Indeed there are no two alike in her case. To her the world never seemed just, and so began her crusade of lessons learned, lived and documented . When comparable to having superhuman traits it is because all that she was, is, or will be, is above and beyond all measure, , she was constantly reassured to be kind and compassionate to people, animals and things. As well as her parents cheering her on for any and all her endeavors, projects and ideas , both small scale and wide eyed and impulsive, nothing was out of her reach in their eyes. This alone sets her apart from the “average Joe’s of the world”  this being inevitable. 

Jennifer knew she always wanted to be a writer, she was unaware of when or how it would happen, but the fuel to her writing fire are the most prominent words that have accompanied her to destiny are that of her loving and late Mother. In keeping her  promise to her Mother , success in doing so is easy, she remained writing and has not stopped.Not only was she inspired by a turbulent teenage love, the introduction of club-going, conquering health road blocks,she is inspired by the writings of Nelly Bly, Shel Silverstein, Khalil Gibran and each has played a part in her writing and art throughout the years .Through life’s up’s and down’s she has taken a positive angle on even the toughest curves around a bending hearts gravel… which she had to endure struggle, loss, and sickness .” 

I had begun to write at the age of twelve, a book based upon my life, Growing Up Jersey, which includes all of the influences, experiences, hilarity, truths and characters that have lead me to be the woman, writer, artist  and person I am today.” JMS

These authors have contributed humor, healing and a sense of self. As she  herself does not have one favorite project she has worked on from blogging to having her books published, for not “one”, but all are her babies, and each one has helped nurture not only herself, but others as well….. Her intentions are not fame nor wealth but to be the aware of the goodness in the world, that she believes we underestimate as human beings. A simple smile or the fact that the news may have random acts of kindness noted, is what makes her happy and reminds her that it’s the smallest things in life that are most grand. As she plans to have tiny “mini me’s” crawling on her lap as the keys go click clack with the old school type writer at hand. The world is most ready for this girl who was practically born with a Sharpie pen in hand, a sweet soul that could live in a candy coated house and a the one and only pen that truly is mightier than the sword….

“loving you always, Forever yours”

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