Lucas John Apice Photography

A boy who at one moment in time could barely hold a camera is now a Cyclops of camera sorts….possessing images of city skies…..candid red carpet shots…. enchanting faces, venues as well as monumental moments that make love to his lens. The small child who’s curiosity didn’t kill the cat but may muster up a kill or two in Photography’s dog eat dog world . If you listen closely you can hear both his minds eye and lens ,honing in on their prey. Standing in the shadow of his Father, he watched from afar, as his shadow also grew immensely into that of following his Father’s footsteps, simultaneously his inspiration grew into a hunger, a hunger that fed the starving artist in him.He has worked and co exists with names such as Sandra Ala’mode MUA, Photographer’s both Dave Kotinsky and MIchael N. Todaro. He initially didn’t know much about the camera, but the most intriguing aspect was the person that would smile back at him. Photographer Lucas Apice states that “photos are speechless but each one undoubtedly writes a book in itself.” His driving inspiration is based upon the theory that he is the Historian of the moment, capturing what would otherwise have been lost in the hustle and bustle of life’s everyday fast pace. He finds beauty in all things, everything that lives…breathes and most definitely takes his breath away, his keen eye veers past the superficial layer, in his mind he has already peeled back the layers and the vision is so raw that it has to be acted out to fulfill the ideal image he has created with he and his third eye.

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