Jana Kramer

Jana Kramer
So if ever there were a girl next door, I’ve found her! Reader’s of MF Magazine, Meet …Jana Rae Kramer… With a voice so sweet comparable to Chestnut Honey (derives from Northern Italy).Jana had a warm, radiant personality to match her voice. There was no confusion that acting is what she wanted to pursue, “ I absolutely loved performing and acting”(J.K) Immediately following high School she headed straight for the Big Apple, acquired an Agent , and quickly landed her very first roll on the Soap Opera” All My Children.”
T.S. “I ask Jana, it’s almost as if you have a glow about you, you’re always smiling, how do you do it?”
J.K. “She sighs and says, life is so short, and there were some tough times I have endured, Life is so good, I am so blessed to be where I am at this point in my life! I just love to make people laugh and smile.”
T.S. “Of the many roles you have played has it ever affected you personal life?”
J.K “The role of Alex Dupree effects my emotional being, as it stirs up a lot of past nostalgia, so it’s very easy to get into the role of Alex , I give it my heart and soul. In conclusion, I sometimes become discomposed, I call my fiancé, and I vent to him, as he is very sympathetic and tolerant.”
T.S “I know establishing close relationships may be difficult with all the travel, and the demands of your presence at simultaneous places at once. Do you have any close friends in the industry that you connected with, besides filming alongside?”
J.K. “Yes, it’s hard to see each other a lot, but when we do we always pick up where we leave off, I am very good friends with Sophia Bush, and Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights).”
T.S. “So Jana, you knew this was coming right?…. What was it like to work with “The Wild Cards of HBO…..The set of Entourage?”
J.K.” She smiles; I have always had more guy friends than girls, so for me it was very comfortable. Jerry Ferrara was great to work with! It was an awesome experience.”
T.S. “Perhaps, you’ll be back on the set of Entourage, “A run in with “Turtle” at club or somewhere else of Director’s choice?
J.K. “Is grinning from ear to ear, I’d love that, I sure hope so!”
T.S” How do you deal with the road blocks of the industry as well everyday life?”
J.K “There will always be some type of obstacles to overcome, the past seven years or so it has been that way, but I am a very aggressive, and an extremely determined person.”
T.S. “Come on; do share your work out regimen?”
J.K.”I enjoy running, and Power Pilates, with my instructor and friend Kye Evans, it’s very difficult, the next few days it’s hard to walk.(laughs at loud).”
T.S. “ Jana there are so many roles that you have played, Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, 90210, One Tree Hill as well as many others ,what can we look for s far as upcoming projects ? With an excited tone, she let’s us in on some very good gossip”
J.K. “I’ve been flying back and forth to Nashville, because hopefully by the spring, My Country Album will be released, as Paula Kay and I are still in the process of tying up loose ends, but definitely by summer, if not spring”
With determination, quite like a fox seeks it prey, this is one woman we will see repeatedly, in film, music as well as television. Here talents are diversified, which will keep her fans on their toes. Jana Kramer is the honey in which the bees will always flock too. Get ready world, there will be a “sweet” tooth epidemic.

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