DJ Danny Baran

DJ Danny BaranWith his own dancing feet, moved by the music ….now it’s his turn to make people move to the beats he creates…starting off break dancing all over NY and New Jersey, he danced his way to one night in specific…At this time, Twilo was at it’s peak …I was 15, he recalls….on this night, I fell in love ….”I couldn’t even dance…” the music was so beautiful I just sat there and wanted to absorb this unfamiliar but yet, euphoric sound”

“It was at that moment, I knew the music would be part of me, for the rest of my life”…House Music that is….

DJ Danny Baran…born under an air sign, like the Aquarian that he is …which is part make up of the Latin root word aqua…for water, h e already has two of the world’s elements under his belt…the music will make up for the next three… DJ Danny’s perception of his favorite DJ’s technique’s remind him of playing with an “almost science”….With some of his inspirational DJ’s ranging from Jonathon Peters, to Denny Teneglia, to Chus and Cebellos… “They would take you on an emotional rollercoaster of music and sound, almost a musical heaven”

“I can remember the first time I played a 60 minute set, I played my heart out!!…my hands shook! That’s how nervous I was”. DJ Danny Baran shows us raw emotion…through his inapprehensive recollections. This is what the heart of a true artist sounds like…both his words and his mixes match his passion. When making tracks he expresses himself emotionally, everyone has a story, listen closely and you’ll hear his.

DJ Danny Baran started out playing in NJ clubs called CoCo Bongo, XL Lounge, and Dolce. From here he then built up a following and proceeded to land his first NYC gig at Guesthouse, where that’s nights set had the place filled. Another of my favorite nights was moved to Home, gypsy Tea, and Plum, (after hours), Pacha basement, then to date, the biggest venue, which he has played M2 ( the old Crow Bar, then Mansion). That night I opened up for The Camel Rider, where there were about 2,000 people. The lights, the lasers, sound system, it was the best night in my career….period.

Now working in the studio with two DJ/producers, Skizbot and DJ Dev Bhandari….there will be a few remixes out soon and a show over seas as well. I have to say” of all the places I have played, NYC is the Mecca of House Music, this is where it all began, so playing for an NYC crowd is the most fun and the love they exude in return is amazing…..

I asked DJ Danny” If your music could speak, what do you think it would say?” He replied, “TURN ME UP LOUDER”….music gives people the ability to connect, it provides and escape from reality, when I play and hear it, I don’t have a care in the world. My Music makes me complete, my family and friends, without them I’d have no reason to play, THEIR feedback…..the CROWDS feedback is what I live for…….DJ Danny’s Baran’s music is the Air in which our souls need to breathe.

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