DJ Dev Bhandari

DJ Dev BhandariDJ Dev Bhandari…a name that will be hard to forget, fitting for the great attributes he lays down on his tables…..when they say God is a DJ. in this case the phrase rings true….baring a name that derives from the Indian culture that graces his background.  The name Dev means of God……..he ‘s yet to walk on water, but his musical genius is a celebration that will make you break bread….Born of Indian and Haitian decent, raised in the realms of NYC & NJ this DJ/Producer has deep roots…strong in all aspects of what’s important in life., family friends, his mission in music is to make people smile, and dance.

With an intricate connection to most of his tracks, this allows him to elaborate on how it would make his fans feel to hear the track, if they identify with it, he envisions them stopping midstream and dancing their a** off…at the end of the day, it’s all about pleasing the crowd. When the sun goes down, creativity comes alive for DJ Dev…ignites his passion and allows him to focus 100% on the task at hand. So while the world sleeps to dream, in his conscious state he is setting his dreams in motion. The hands of a 14 year old boy touched the tables for the first time, and haven’t stopped since.

Careful, you will be entranced by his music style…his gentle mannerisms, and last but not least his smile. He may charm your ears, .maybe even your soul, being that this is what the music targets in all of us. “,When you see Danny Tenaglia or Jonathan Peters throw down a 12 to sometime 24 hour set ,people do not realize what it takes to pull something like that off. It takes a very big toll on your body, and the stress it puts on your ears as well. If I or they didn’t love what we do, it would nearly be impossible”. The music , for Dj Dev Bhandari is what I like to call, Back to Basics, this is a DJ that watches his fans dance, and with a very soulful tone, he states” dancing is the most organic way of expressing yourself…I know when I dance, I forget about everything and let it all go”. They say never trust a DJ that can’t dance…well that rule will not apply here….he’s got the 3 key ingredients that make up some of the world’s most remembered DJ’s …heart, soul, and rhythm.

With upcoming projects ranging from Chicago and LA as well as overseas to Hungary and India….his hands are outstretched covering many a land with his talents. With relentless drive, efforts, and skill…get ready to witness many a musical miracle….Let me introduce to you, DJ Dev Bhandari….God is a DJ….

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