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August 31, 2010 - Posted by admin

“Brooklyn” in itself holds a plethora of greatness; it’s obvious that DJ Corey Jasper comes from a place that radiates a myriad of talent ranging in names such as, Tupac Shakur, Lou Reed, Beastie Boys, and even David Blaine. DJ Corey Jasper was aware at the age of 13 that music is what would be the core of everything that surrounds him, his tracks tell a story, of emotions both past and present and are even quite prophetic. Sometime’s we hear the term “Simplicity is best”, we don’t delve into its deeper meaning, because we think it may be cliché, but there is NOTHING cliché about DJ Corey Jasper, he is an amassed being of musical mastery.

He has graced places such as Limelight ,Tunnel , Palladium, Roxy, Carbon, Expo, System, Spirit, Cheetah all NYC legendary clubs as well as spinning in other states such as California & Florida. With recent guest spots in NY, Greenhouse, Pacha, Rebel, and Guesthouse. DJ CJ states,” as long as I can wake up everyday and create my music, and enjoy all its aspects, all the while knowing that my family, GF are happy/ healthy, there isn’t much more I need in life.”

“Some of my biggest inspirations and mentors are, The Crooklyn Clan, DJ Robert Jr., Junior Vasquez, Danny Teneglia, because they ALL possess the rare quality to DJ as well as Produce, and hold down a club as well as holding down a music studio.” DJ CJ

“It’s hard to predict the future ,but my sights are set on what I want to attain, so therefore I believe, in ten years from now, I will continue to make music and DJ till the day I die, and hopefully be in a position where I can be executive producing artists for my own and major labels at that point, as well as gearing toward the production of movie soundtracks.” DJ Corey Jasper A major quality that DJ Corey Jasper projects is a sense of truth….no subliminal labels, a humble sense of the import things about life and a pure love of music’s existence.