Tight like Gut chords of the Cello or the striking sounds of B Major screaming from a freshly waxed Baby Grand Piano…this kid has a flow that takes his new single “Oceans” to ten thousand leagues beneath the sea, and makes even the man in the moon dance….He he’s got an old soul that has a new school sound, giving new meaning to “pop rocks” this here is ear candy for all you music fans. They say teaching your child to speak a second language is beneficial in this world we live in, he knows one alright, Matt B freestyles like he’s speaking in tongues difference is, you can relate to what he’s saying. From the big lit stages to casino’s and venues, he pours his soul into whatever performance is at hand. An artist that thrives from not only the good extensions of his life, but the weak moments that taught him how to bulk up his musical muscle. Gaining inspiration by giving it,writing and rhyming it on topics we’ve all encountered, he puts the “MAN” in huMAN, because that’s just what it takes to open your heart to the world presenting his songs which are like his best kept secrets. His unyielding efforts, and tenacious drive make him ready for the road ahead, curves and all,his musical talent is comparable to the race car driver that does not yield to flags, whistles, or rules.

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