“Jerseylicious” Anthony Lombardi

Anthony Lombardi - JerseyliciousAnthony Lombardi was born on August 13,1972 a native of Newark NJ until the age of 5, he then became a resident of Fairfield NJ.

Growing up like your typical boy that has the cuts and bruises to confirm “that boys will be boys”, Anthony was active in football and baseball, and a bit of brother and sisterly war every now and then,which has only made them closer as adults. He had a pretty normal childhood and is Thankful for all which is parent’s did to make this possible for he and his sister Maria .He was always intrigued by pro wrestling and when he actually has a free moment to spend on some of his hobbies, he likes horse races and watches sports….Nothing can compare to cooking…having family dinners together and being the best Dad and provider for his family as possible. He is also an active advocate for Charities which include names such as, “MoM” Makers of Memories, a charity that provides single moms from abusive relationships to be able to go on vacation with their children, as well as St Gerard down at St Lucys’ Church in Newark N.J.

Let’s get acquainted with the Anthony Lombardi we see on the The Style Networks own “Jerseylicious”. You the reader will be shocked to believe this, but what you see is what you get, he pulls no punches with his personality. He portrays a business man, a dedicated Hairdresser, and a Loving Father & Husband to match.Upon speaking with Anthony, you get a sense of being “home” he is warm and very unassuming, and you can tell that he was raised with values and virtues beyond measure. He says” I remind myself to always be humble and thank God for everything I have and my family makes me the most happy. Followed by a busy Salon (Anthony Robert Salon , Verona NJ, wins by the Mets, Clemson Tigers and Dallas Cowboys, these are the little things that put a smile on his face. He is definitely a personality you must witness live as well on television, he has colossal amounts of desire for things such as cooking and keeping family traditions alive, and a pizzazz that is infectious. When he speaks , he makes you eager to know what he’ll say next, or do that will most likely make you laugh. It’s people like him that are rare in this world, not even including the Entertainment business.

Touching on the subject of his craft, I ask” how does it feel to know that you are responsible for making both women & men feel like a million dollars when they get transformed by your techniques as a skilled hairdresser for over 15 years? AL replies”I think hairstylists are the most artistic people in the blue collar world. We can change someone’s whole appearance in just a short period of time. When we see that smile from a client in our chair after we’ve finished no dollar amount in the world can match it. My Salon is my personal empire. I have a four chair salon in the heart of Verona NJ and have owned it for about 5 yrs and I still am as happy to walk in here today as I was 5 yrs ago.”A.L.

Just as the old cliche is said “Salt of the Earth” This is the exact idiom that fits the description of Anthony Lombardi, everything he executes, he does with a bit of fervor and a definite touch of tenderness. The love is evident in his cooking, when he holds his son, seats a client in his chair displaying how he delicately touches each strand of hair. Not everyone can have the capacity to maintain a successful business( Anthony Robert Salon) , a successful home, and star in the noteworthy show “Jerseylicious”.

Tina M. Schiro

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