DJ Chris Bachmann

DJ Chris BachmannYou would think that a DJ of this caliber would be wrapped up in himself more than the music…listen closely as you’ll see his own story unwind, like the beats he’s layed down so may years, in many different locations, from NJ to, NY, to Europe…..This is the story of DJ Chris Bachmann.

At age 14 his hands found their way to his first set of tables…and from this point on, he hasn’t stopped since. He started Promoting at venues such as Limelight and Tunnel, (NYC) at age 17. Not even being old enough to be in the realms of a NJ club called SHOUT, this is where he met mentor DJ Steve Bando., C.B. lied about his age to get his foot in the door, he was 19 at the time. Becoming a bar back and familiarizing himself with the club scene, by the age of 21, he was the DJ/ Promoter at the Venue called SHOUT. Even being a college graduate from Rutgers couldn’t stop the inevitable; DJ Chris Bachmann always knew this is exactly what he was meant to do. Initially he started off spinning hip-hop and slowly transitioned to playing house. C.B… “When I went to Europe, this is when I started to get an ear for house music; it was so pure to me.” Music made me who I am…and it is reflected in my music today. I am very happy and outgoing, I enjoy life. My beats make people happy, and have a good time, if you can dance without being intoxicated; you know the DJ is doing his job.” Music has given me life, passion, it is not a job, and it is who I am.

In my career my biggest mentor was DJ Steve Bando, he used to play at Limelight, he took me under his wing and taught me to really hear and love house music.. As well as being influenced by names such as Tenaglia, DJ Riz, Crookyln Klan, Todd Terry, Laidback Luke, and Jazzy Jeff His style is unpredictable, but one thing is for certain, the repetition of the chorus as the crowd chants as he lays down his beats, the vibe his crowd exudes, is not attainable by just any DJ, but that is DJ Chris Bachmann’s trademark…that is what feeds his musical soul.

Holding down a residency in the number #1 club in NJ, called Bliss Lounge, as well as having played at familiar names such as the Surf Club, Club XS, Sandbar and Deko, playing at almost every NJ venue over the past 12 years. DJ Chris Bachmann has made a name for himself. His long list of hot spots goes as follows , Home (NYC,) Guest House, and the W Hotels. Having guest appearance at Cain, Mansion, and Country Club, Murmur & Harrah’s in Atlantic City N.J. Club 15 in ST. LOUIS. Last but definitely not least, Cathouse, Vbar and Sky all in Las Vegas. Having to admit,”one of my favorite spots to play is Murmur, the vibe is amazing there! I asked DJ CHRIS BACHMANN who were some DJ’S you played alongside? “ Samantha Ronson, Fatman Scoop, DJ Riz. If you didn’t know, now ya know people, the list goes on and on.
Any and all collaborations are done with partner Ralph Valentino, we also have a label called “ROCKKANDY.” The” site will have all of my mixes ready for download. .Ralph is the best producer I know; he helps me produce my mix shows on KTU every Friday night. and has a syndicated show Saturday nights on KTU of his own.. .

“ I have to say, ten years from now, I’d like to own a club and be on syndicated radio….but one of my Highest points I can recollect is being able to play in the “WHITE ROOM” in a club called EXIT~ “Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, I don’t think I’ll ever stop….so the irony is…one of the most prominent memory’s of you spinning was called EXIT…which is usually what we use to leave something…somewhere….but in this case EXIT was really just the entrance for you ….and to the music world you have engulfed all of these years…. Interviewed by: Tina M. Schiro

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