E-Rock Entertainment

E-Rock Entertainment was Founded by Erol West. Having a team so united backing one another, there is no chance in a demise of a coprporation so promising yet profound. Just shy of one year under their belts, their efforts continually pay off. Behind the gates of E-Rock stand names such as, Kareem Jason,Tommy Ranucci and Chris Cornetto in lead Promotions,some familiar beats by our very own DJ Dev Bhandari and DJ Flash.There is a HUGE E-Rock Family, too many to list,but I’m sure you can recollect who they are.Having some of the most alluring DJ’s and Promoters they tend to steal the show in such a stealth manner, that the name E-Rock just “IS” part of your vocabulary .Serving New York & New Jersey there isn’t a Club, DJ, or Promoter out there that is unaware of the Essence that E-Rock brings to their parties. With a web page that is accessible and easy to navigate, on call promoters, along with the ease they put forth into their networking, E-Rock is everywhere , you would want to be!

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