Duke GF Dessert

Beneath constellations a red-letter light is beaming down, not visible to the naked eye, a human being uncanny to most, bearing a salacious spirit, Duke is determined to enlighten minds and taste buds as he introduces his “chemistry in the kitchen”. Duke of Duke GF Desserts proves that cooking is quite the science. His story began when he and his family decided to take action, bringing a solution to a problematic situation, when they learned that his sister was diagnosed with Celiac disease. This initiated his mission to navigate the 360 million galaxies, bringing forth his “evolution of food” so to speak. Starting at the age of thirteen in the family restaurant to recent realms of the infamous brand “Duke GF Desserts”, where he believes there is no limit to the dining sky in regards to how healthy eating habits can be attained. Duke’s goal is to educate the masses on the reinvention of food, beginning with the progression of the Cro-Magnon man to the individual shopping next to you in the grocery store, bringing back to basics. In all things we must begin at the crux and work our way to the perimeters, he believes that the root of all things, both food and family values are his secret ingredient. With his European upbringing, being multicultural as well as fluent in Macedonian, Italian, and English, has allowed him to adopt the art of mixing formulas, tastes, textures of all three nationalities, gracing one kitchen at a time. For being born the sign of fire, he’s definitely going to set a light to all of our food Fata Morgana.



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