DJ Jason Falzone

DJ Jason FalzoneEveryone knows when you’re born on December 23rd, you most likely get bamboozled out of gifts, considering you were born two days before Christmas, but if you look at the larger scale of the picture, DJ Jason Falzone received triple of what he thought he may not have gotten. He is not only musically inclined in more ways than one, he is a blazing wild fire, wherever he drops his beats, and is blessed with the beautiful smile of his son to brighten all of his days, and the gift of watching him sleep at night.

From age 4 ½ this “Little Drummer Boy” turned prodigy drum player, morphed musically into one of the’s brilliant House music DJ’S that is soaring past his fellow DJ’s…each day his rank takes a different stance, driving DJ Jason Falzone to follow the “Sound of the Drum”…his inner drum that is.

Along with playing the drums at quite a young age as well as being self taught until the age of 9 years old, DJ Jason Falzone’s father thought it was time his son attended a very prestigious school for the drums in NYC. “There, I was taught properly the ethics of the drums, and simultaneously a very famous drummer there took a liking to me and my style for the next few years that followed. Taking me under his wing, and being my mentor, he molded me into what I am today.”

Starting off his younger years being a huge Rock & Blues fan, DJ JF was introduced to a whole new world of Music by a girlfriend he had a long time ago….and what she gave him were the keys to the “HOUSE” HOUSE MUSIC that is!!!!! From there DJ JF recalls a specific moment where his friend and fellow DJ, “DJ Manny the Greek” played at Club Abyss in the late 1990’s, and I was opening up for him that night…I can still remember standing in the booth with Manny, as he dropped a “SIcKKK” track by Peter Rauhoffer, and the crowd went into a frenzy. The same with Richie Santana at Hunka Bunka, these guys lit a fire for me, setting forth a ball in motion, and here I am, flying up the DJ list by a landslide rate! I want to Thank Manny and Richie, two of my very good friend’s” He has made many past guest appearances at venues such as NYC clubs such as Lotus, Roxy, Sound Factory in NJ Abyss, Liquid, Poor Billy’s (now Chris Michael’s Lounge, Paradox & Velocity. Present venues such as Gemma Lounge in SoBe, Miami & Chris Michael’s Lounge .I am opened for bookings .These days DJ J.F. has formed a duo with DJ Giovanni, together we are called “Midnight House Mafia.”

“Music has taught me to translate life’s many emotions, from good, to bad, or even mad, turning it all around into one BIG smile, making life more relaxing, almost a Zen” There is no question that DJ Jason Falzone, knows where he came from, and how he has gotten there, he is so personable and interactive with his crowd, if your not one “who dances”, you will that night! DJ Falzone states “if my tracks could convey a message, they would say everyone leaves a mark behind when they are gone…this is mine…what will yours be?”

You heard it right here, from the “mouth of babes” I’ll tell you what kind of mark DJ J.F represents….not a question mark….an X to mark his musical territory, a period, end of story that he is an insane up and coming House DJ…and an exclamation mark after you hear his set !

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