Levi’s Fall Fashion Preview

Upon attending the Fall Fashion Preview of the Levi’s 2010 collection, I was transported by a “back to the future” sense of nostalgia, where in my younger days, if you weren’t wearing Levi’s, you just weren’t up to par with the “current trends”, perhaps labeled underprivileged, or even” poor”. The new Levi’s line will immediately have you surfing the web, or hopping into any means of transportation, specifically to own some of their most incandescent pieces

I took note of how comfortable the models were while wearing their attire; it was almost as if they were wearing a second skin. The atmosphere had an aura of a very “down to earth” sense. Where you could not help but feel at home, surrounded by beautiful beings and by the legendary name “Levi’s” filling the room with plenty of others who have grown with the label just as I have.

It was not only an honor to have been witness to the evolution of their line thus far, but the displays of the artistry that had pieces of gold and silver intertwined, fit for a King or Queen themselves, but certainly very affordable. Some pieces were rich with modicums of artistry draped in jewels, in combination with the jeans. It was like experiencing a “Gustav Klimt” painting in the flesh. Some of the jeans had a rough and rugged look, but not to be deceived as it was also soft, like your favorite article of clothing you refuse to retire. Welcome to the new era of Levi’s! I gave you the knowledge, now go forth and treat yourself to such fantastic garments


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